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---If you get knocked down, get up again!

-Shaking hands after a match mutually shows that you are respecting each other! Let's give our friends a friendship five!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Looking for 'live' commentators for P5 and P6 inter house soccer.

Do you have a passion for live commentary for sports and games? Do you want to emcee a live soccer match during recess? We are looking for pupils who are confident in speaking in English or Chinese to commentate live on the soccer matches taking place during recess. 50 points will be awarded for your participation! You may also commentate live with a friend.

 If you are interested, please type in your name, class and house in the comments section of this post. This is only open for P3 to P6 pupils.

P.S. You are still allowed to take part in the interhouse games even if you sign up for this.

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