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Monday, October 22, 2018

P6 Inter-House Games 2018

Dear P6s,

If you are interested in representing your house in the P6 Inter-House Games 2018, please register by clicking the respective links on the right hand column of the Houses Blog.. Registration closes on Tuesday 24th October 2018 at 930pm.

The games you can choose are

Mixed Frisbee,

Mixed Soccer ,

Table tennis (individual),

Mixed Table Tennis (doubles),

Mixed Badminton (doubles),

Mixed Captain's Ball and Mixed Basketball.

Games will only commence if there are enough teams (at least one team per house / player/s (at least one player per house or doubles per house) and they will be carried out during recess or an allocated day /  time. The fixtures and timings will be made known to the captains.

Mixed Frisbee, Mixed Soccer, Mixed Captain's Ball will be 5 aside. (Maximum 8 players can register. Each pupil registering will earn the house 10 points)

Further rules will be disseminated before the fixtures.

You are allowed to participate in more than one game (unlike ICG) but you will need to use the same form to register and choose the other game that you or your team wishes to participate in as well.

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