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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Primary 5 Boys' Inter-House Soccer during recess

P5 Boys Inter-House Games Soccer
Boys 5-aside Soccer

Click here to register.
Registration closes on Monday 8th November 5pm.

i) There must be a minimum of 5 pupils. You may register up to 7 pupils. Remember, if you submit 7 players you will get 7 registration points as compared to 5 pupils...

ii) Each house can submit up to two teams. For example, if Blue House submits two teams, their team names will be changed to Blue House 1 and Blue House 2

iii) Each registration will be awarded one point towards the overall house points.

iv) If you are punished by your teacher for any reason and held back during recess, ie not submitting your homework, not paying attention in class etc, you will not be allowed to represent your house for any game.

v)Throw ins are not allowed. Only kick-ins are allowed.

vi)These will be self-refereeing games. Each team has to abide by all rules and settle disputes among themselves. They may consult the PE teachers if they wish to clarify certain matters but the final decisions are to be made by the two teams.

vii) These games will be using a league table format where a win will give you three points and a draw will give you one point. A better goal difference will be used to determine the winner if teams have the same number of points at the end of the inter-house games.

League table of 8 teams.
1st - 50
2nd - 44
3rd - 38
4th - 32
5th - 26
6th - 20
7th - 14
8th - 8

League table of 6 teams.
1st - 20
2nd - 17
3rd - 14
4th - 11
5th - 8
6th - 5

League table of 5 teams.
1st - 10
2nd - 8
3rd - 6
4th - 4
5th - 2

League table of 4 teams.
1st - 10
2nd - 7.5
3rd - 5
4th - 2.5

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